None of us are guaranteed another day of life. As a matter of fact, it's been said that "the only certain thing in life is the uncertainty of it." Life insurance helps families to weather the storms of life by making sure that financial provision is made for the needs of the family after a mother or father has passed away. Catastrophic, long-term illnesses can be devastating in their scope. Life insurance can help mitigate that devastation.

Especially attractive for small businesses is the inexpensive Group Term Life policies issued on every employee in that business to help remove the bumps in the road that unexpected deaths of loved ones can cause. AT MTG, our agents can help you find the best option for your company.


We can also help you understand the ever-changing landscape of group health insurance especially as it relates to the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare. This legislation is incredibly broad in scope, keeping your health program affordable yet compliant is an incredible challenge but MTG is up to the task. Let us sit down with you, ask a few questions, and help find a solution to your health-care problem that works for you.


At MTG, we are also pleased to announce that we are now your one-stop center for questions on Student Accident Insurance. This innovative coverage is a must for all public and private schools and covers student-athletes when health insurance is not enough.


Here are just a few of the Life & Health solutions that we offer:


  • Individual Life and Disability
  • Group Life and Disability
  • Group Health, Vision, and Dental
  • Student Accident Insurance
  • Passenger Accident Insurance (Trucking)