Whether you're a child of the 60', 70's, 80's or 90's; Americans tend to accumulate a lot of stuff. AT MTG, we're very adept at writing insurance for your home and auto and can also insure your four-wheeler, motorcycle, jet-ski, or boat.





Making sure you are prepared for the teenage driver, helping you understand what limits of liability you need, working thru the occasional "fender-bender" or nuisance glass-claim; the folks at MTG can do it all for you.


If you have rental property; don't worry. We are skilled in insuring all types of habitational risks whether it's a duplex or multi-unit apartment building.


Especially popular at this time is the Personal Umbrella. An umbrella stands over your homeowner's and your personal auto liability limits and gives that extra layer of protection to deal with today's litigation.


Bottom line, people sue. We can protect you with affordable insurance coverage to deal with those lawsuits.


Here are but a few of the personal lines insurance coverages that we can offer:


  • Homeowners
  • Habitational (duplex/Four-plex)
  • Vacation Home/Condo
  • Auto/Boat/Motorcycle/ATV/Jet-Ski
  • Camper/RV
  • Personal Umbrellas