Workers Comp coverage can be a veritable "mine-field" for small and large businesses alike. The agents at Morgan Trevathan & Gunn can help you pick your way thru this potentially explosive coverage.

Our agents can help you with:


  • Understanding and controlling your NCCI Experience Mod Factor
  • The impact and availability of Self-Insured Work Comp Carriers in Kentucky
  • Putting together a game plan to address the impact of large work comp claims
  • Managing the work comp audit
  • Analyzing loss experience and determining the impact of company culture on loss experience
  • Implementation of a successful Return-To-Work and Light Duty program
  • Active annual review of work comp payroll classifications and the direct impact on premiums paid


MTG has several work comp carriers and markets available to assist you in finding the best possible fit for your company. Workers Compensation is state specific and the folks at MTG understand the rules and regulations of each state. Bottom line, you want us to program your work comp policy. We'll do it right!


In addition, we are experts in the close cousin of Workers Comp i.e., Occupational Accident. Each state is very specific in how they view Occupational Accident coverage. AT MTG, we know that Occupational Accident coverage is NOT a bonafide substitute for Workers Compensation. The two coverages are very different and we'll make sure you understand those differences. MTG offers Occupational Accident from industry leaders like Great American Insurance who have been in this arena for several years.