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Fireworks and Safety: Celebrate Independence Day without causing injuries

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Fireworks are a staple for summer celebrations, and every Independence Day, you’ll hear the hiss of Roman candles in any town. That’s why the public should become familiar with firework safety basics. These items are dangerous, and we want you to spend your holiday enjoying friends and family instead of nursing injuries. 

You can avoid many firework injuries by learning about the hazards and taking proper precautions. A study from the Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that unexpected ignition and firework misuse causes more than half of firework-related injuries. Simply reduce the danger by following a few safety guidelines.

Safety Tips for Firework Displays

• Find a proper site for your display and check the weather before the event.

• Give local authorities advanced notice of your plans and keep them informed.

• Properly train your staff, and make sure your fireworks are delivered, stored, and used correctly.

• Control the crowd. Keep people away from the firing area and post signs indicating potential hazards. Choose a firing zone that is located a safe distance from parking lots.

• Erect barriers around the firing zone and only allow the display operator and firing team inside.

• Plan what to do when things go wrong. Keep fire extinguishers and buckets of sand or water on hand to put out fires and give a team member the responsibility of calling emergency services if needed.

• Comply with all relevant state and local laws.

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General Firework Safety Tips

• Stick to the rules. Read the fireworks manufacturer’s instructions and warnings—and follow them.

• Don’t DIY fireworks. Only use commercially manufactured products.

• Light your fireworks in open, outdoor spaces.

• Don’t try to relight fireworks that haven’t gone off. Soak them in a bucket of water 20 minutes later.

• Don’t light fireworks in glass or metal containers.

• Avoid alcohol. Fireworks are burning hazards, so you should only light them when completely sober.

• Supervise children as they play with sparklers, and only give them to those 12 or older.

Get Enough Insurance

Make sure your general liability policy offers enough coverage for any injuries or property damage caused by your event—regardless of whether you hire professionals or set off the fireworks yourself. You might also want to consider event cancellation insurance, weather insurance, and special event insurance.

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