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10 Summer Home Maintenance Tips to Help Preserve Your Property

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A home is more than a building. It’s the center of your life, and you should preserve and protect it to keep your family as comfortable as possible. Plus, regular home care will decrease your chances of submitting an insurance claim. So, let’s discuss some of the summer home maintenance tasks you should complete around the house.

Inspect your roof.

Grab a ladder and inspect your entire roof for loose and missing shingles. Then, head inside and check the attic for roof leaks and water damage.

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Look for pests.

While you’re in the attic, search for signs of pests, insects, and mold. You could even turn off the lights and check for daylight that might shine through wall cracks. Afterward, head down to your basement and perform another check for mold and unwanted creatures.

Clean your HVAC system.

Scrub the coils, change the filter, and test the fan. Of course, you should also have a professional clean and service your air conditioner.

Look for window damage.

Weather fluctuations can be rough on windows, so clean the glass and check for and fix any damage.

Find insulation gaps.

Well-insulated homes are energy-efficient, so they don’t cost as much to heat or cool. Therefore, we suggest adding insulation to any cracks in your garage or attic doors.

Examine your deck.

Locate and replace any loose boards in your deck. You could also pour some water on the wood to see if it absorbs. If so, you need to reseal the structure.

Repair siding.

Keep mildew and bugs away from the wood in your exterior walls by painting, cleaning, and repairing any holes in your siding. Also, power wash the outside of your home to eliminate dirt buildup.

Check your garden hose.

Repair leaks in your faucets and garden hoses to minimize the water bill.

Clean the grill.

Dirty grills are fire hazards, so scrape old grease off yours with a brush. Then turn all burners on high and close the lid for 15 minutes to burn off the remaining grime.

Examine your foundation.

Groundwater, insects, and radon gas can enter your home through cracks in the foundation. So, look carefully for any issues and repair them immediately.