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Control Comfort Eating with These 7 Helpful Tips

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Something about January makes you want to snuggle up next to a fire with a warm bowl of hot, cheesy pasta. It’s tempting to grab a starchy snack when the weather turns cold. And sometimes, that’s ok. But never make a habit out of heavy carbs. Instead, try these tips to control comfort eating.

Take stock of your hunger.

Only eat when you’re truly hungry. So, before you reach for a snack, think about whether you really need it—or if you’re just eating because you’re bored.

Snack well.

Control comfort eating by replacing sugary or starchy snacks in your home with healthier options, such as raw vegetables, nuts, or fruit. You could also increase your protein intake to feel full for longer.

Switch out your sides

It’s ok to indulge in favorite foods occasionally but shore up your meals with healthier options. For example, if you like BBQ sandwiches, then get one. But order a salad instead of fries or baked beans.

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Spice things up.

Check your spice rack for salt substitutions. Try flavoring your food with cracked pepper, red pepper flakes, fresh basil, or oregano instead. 

Plan your snacks. 

Divide your snacks into portions before grabbing them. You’ll eat way more than expected if you just start eating chips out of a bag. So, control comfort eating by making prepackaged munchies before you get hungry. 

Don’t completely deprive yourself. 

Sticking to a nutrition plan is hard if you never allow yourself a treat. So, watch your portions, make healthy choices, and enjoy a limited amount of your favorite sugary or starchy foods. 

Find ways to relieve stress. 

Stress can increase comfort food cravings. So, find ways to manage it. Work on your yoga practice, meditate, make time for yourself, and get plenty of sleep. 

Remember, prioritizing nutrition can help lower your risk of health issues like heart disease or diabetes. However, we want to ensure you have the right insurance plan if you still need care. So call your MTG agent today and discuss options.