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Insurance for Newlyweds: What Policies to Consider Before Tying the Knot

Auto Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, Life Insurance, Personal Insurance, Renters Insurance

When planning a wedding, there’s a lot to think about: the venue, food, guest list, decorations, flowers, and more. In fact, preparations can get so consuming that you may forget about other tasks you need to complete before starting a marriage, like applying for new insurance policies. So, we’re here to help you out. Read through this “Insurance for Newlyweds” list and start checking items off your to-do list.

MTG Insurance | Insurance for Newlyweds

Health Insurance


You and your spouse may already have health insurance coverage through employers, or you might have personal policies. Either way, marriage is a life event that may allow you to join another plan within a specific timeframe.


So, evaluate your individual plans. Compare deductibles, coinsurance, copayments, coverage limits, healthcare provider choices, and prescription coverage. You might decide that one policy is a better deal for the two of you. Or you may want to keep your policies separate. However, it pays to explore options when discussing insurance for newlyweds.


Auto Insurance


Most carriers require all licensed drivers in a household to be listed on an auto insurance policy. So, remember to notify your MTG agent that you’re getting married. Your agent will probably also tell you about the “married discount,” which usually means you can get a lower, multi-policy rate if there’s more than one vehicle on a coverage. Add that to what you can save by bundling your policies together, and you should be pleased with your premiums.  


Note, however, that your combined rates could be negatively affected if one of you has a poor driving record.


Homeowners or Renters Insurance


Explore Homeowners or Renters Insurance if you’re moving into a new space after the wedding. Renters Insurance will cover your possessions from perils like theft and fire. And Homeowners Insurance will protect your belongings in addition to your house and property.


So, before choosing a policy, take inventory of your assets and ensure the policy limits will cover everything. Or, if you already have a policy, make sure it covers the possessions of both you and your spouse.


Life Insurance


Life insurance is a good idea for every adult, regardless of age or situation. The payout can help cover funeral costs, debts, and other expenses. But this type of policy becomes essential insurance for newlyweds because many couples grow dependent upon combined income.


So, both you and your spouse need life insurance policies in case one of you passes away. And if you already have a policy, remember to add your spouse as a beneficiary.


This list may seem overwhelming initially, especially if you’re already drowning in wedding details. But don’t worry. MTG agents are ready to answer questions about insurance for newlyweds and help find the coverages that meet your needs. Call today.