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Life Insurance Medical Exam: What Does It Involve and How Can You Boost Your Performance?

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Many factors contribute to the cost of a life insurance policy, such as your age, gender, and lifestyle. Carriers use them to assess the level of risk in your life, so it’s no surprise that your health also plays a significant role in determining your rate. In fact, you typically need to undergo a life insurance medical exam while applying for coverage. 

The insurance company will hire a medical professional to complete the exam before it finalizes your rate. So, you want to perform as well as possible. Let’s discuss how to prepare for an exam and what it entails. 

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Before Your Life Insurance Medical Exam

The best way to prepare for a life insurance medical exam is to develop a healthy lifestyle. Eat well, exercise regularly, and avoid smoking and excessive drinking. But you can also boost your performance by taking care of yourself in the hours before your exam. You should…


  1. Get a good night’s rest
  2. Avoid alcohol for at least eight hours before evaluation
  3. Eat healthy for the previous 24 hours, limiting salt and high-cholesterol foods
  4. Avoid strenuous exercise for a full day before your exam

During Your Life Insurance Medical Exam

The medical professional conducting your exam will gather general information about your health, such as:

  • medical history
  • height
  • weight
  • blood pressure
  • pulse

They may also collect blood and urine samples to test for viruses, diseases, medications, and illegal drugs. This exam doesn’t, however, include a breast or prostate exam.

The insurance company may have more questions, as well, after your health evaluation. So, you might have to submit additional information and undergo further tests, depending on your age and desired policy amount.

After Your Exam

Once you’ve completed the evaluation, your insurance company will assign you either a “flat” or “table” risk rating. If you receive a table rating, you may have to pay a high premium due to long-term health issues.

If you have questions about a life insurance medical exam or similar topics, call an MTG agent at 1-800-489-4684.